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Quick Tips For Increasing Your Home's Value

I have made the following easy to implement suggestions to my clients countless times and they have saved thousands as a result. 

Increase Your Home's Curbside Appeal 

First impressions are important in creating a buying mindset.
Make repairs where needed
Touch up exterior with paint as required 
Clear driveway and clean up oil spills 
Store trash containers or debris out of sight
Make sure your house number is easy to read 
Repair or replace damaged screens and window panes
Make windows sparkle, inside and out
Yard And Walkways

Cut and water lawns regularly
Weed and edge garden beds
Pick up all pet waste
Turn on exterior lights for night showings
     In Winter 
Clear snow from paths, driveway and stairs
Salt whenever necessary

Front Entrance 

Porch should be clean and uncluttered
Touch up, repaint, or scrub down front door
Make sure door hardware works and is polished 
Replace unsightly mailbox or rusty doorbell
Buy a new doormat
Add a wreath or other decorating elements

 Pay Attention To Interior Maintenance

Use touch up paint where needed
Repair leaking taps and toilets
Oil hinges on all doors and windows
Replace all defective light bulbs
Clean furnace and put new air filter
Tighten door knobs and latches
Repair heavily squeaking floor boards


Create a spacious look clear counters, drawers, and cabinets
   of unnecessary items

Clean all appliances
Sinks and taps should be clean and shiny
Ensure no dirty dishes in sink  
Clean and spray garbage bin area 


Clean sink, faucet hardware, mirror and soap dishes 
Display clean towels 
Repair or replace caulking around tubs and showers
Replace moldy shower curtains and dirty bath mats
Empty all garbage containers
Flush toilets and keep lids down
Remove personal toiletries off counters

Set The Mood For Buying

Open all drapes/blinds during daytime
Turn on all lights for evening showings
Place potpourri or fresh flowers around the house
Clear halls and stairs of clutter
Arrange furniture to create a spacious look
Ensure carpets and floors are always clean 
Turn up the air conditioner during summer
Turn up the furnace and light the fireplace in winter
Clean and organize closets, garage and basement

Remember, cosmetic changes do not have to be expensive. You will save time, effort, and money by letting me expertly look at your home - I'll tell you the minimum that needs to be done before you list. Contact me today!

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